Benefits of Hot Scrubbing

Clean Juice Bar

What if we told you there is an easy ritual you can do every day that may:

  • Relieve muscle tension
    • The perfect ritual for athletes, or anyone who carries a lot of stress, which can lead to muscle tension or headaches!
  • Open the pores
    • Allows toxins to come up and out of the body, and is also a great skin exfoliator!
  • Soften the hard deposits of fat underneath your skin
    • Hard deposits of fat cause cellulite and store toxins. When the deposits get soft, they come to the surface, where they can be discharged instead of forming deeply around some of our most vital organs.
  • Cleanse your lymphatic system
    • When the lymphatic system is stimulated, it prevents stagnation and buildup of wastes - also known as detoxifying. This will help eliminate inflammation and some illnesses that come with it!
  • Promote circulation
    • Gets your blood moving!
  • Detox harmful chemicals
  • AND Release stress??!

Clean Juice Bar

Hot towel scrubbing provides all of these benefits with the added bonus of relaxation and reconnecting with your body. Want more deets?

It’s pretty simple… grab a washcloth or small hand towel and run under the sink to get it as hot as your skin is comfortable with. Slowly scrub each body part, starting with hands, moving to forearms, shoulders, chest, abdomen etc. etc., taking the time to really focus on areas that need more attention. Scrub until your skin is slightly pink and make sure to keep warming the towel up in that hot water.

Diffuse some lavender essential oil during this routine for extra spa-like vibes!