Inside The Good Kitchen's Home Fridge

As the founder of a healthy meal delivery company, The Good Kitchen, my eating habits are put under a microscope. People also ask me to inspect what they are eating too. I try to ease their fears by saying -- "I am here to help if you decide to change your lifestyle – and eating habits – in the same way I have. Other than that, you be you and do what works and feels right for your body, mind and spirit!"

To keep the Lewis household on track, I work to keep a pretty well stocked fridge! By having healthy options on hand at all times, I know I won't panic and choose unhealthy food when I'm stressed or in a time crunch.


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I love condiments and it’s the biggest pain point for label readers. I will drive myself batty reading labels in the salad dressing aisle. I usually walk away frustrated and without a dressing for my salad. I love a good olive oil and vinegar with some spices to dress my salad - but sometimes you just want Ranch.

Ranch dressing has an opportunity to be a hero. It can be a great source of fat – but having the right one on hand or making it yourself is key. So the first condiment on my list that is ALWAYS in my fridge… you guessed it! Ranch dressing. I like Primal Kitchen the best. Tessemae’s is ok, but I find that Primal Kitchen nails the traditional Ranch profile a bit better. Some other items I keep in the door:


  • Primal Kitchen Avocado mayo – because you never know when you’ll need to whip up a tuna salad OR make some deviled eggs

  • Coconut aminos – I like Coconut Secrets. Trader Joe’s also has a self-branded version and Big Tree which you can get at a “regular” grocery store.

  • Red Boat Fish Sauce – I order mine from Amazon

  • Mateos Salsa – Costco, but I recently found smaller jars at Publix!

  • Bubbies Kosher dill pickles and Sauerkraut

  • Olives – stuffed with all the things. This can liven up a salad in a heart beat. Mom trick: use a little olive juice as a dressing. It’s delicious! Santa Barbara Olive Co. is my favorite brand and pretty easy to find.



I keep really versatile veggies on hand. I am a clean-out-the-fridge kind of cook. I open the fridge and just start pulling things out. It’s not uncommon for me to have the whole fridge on the counter when I start cooking.. I'm kind of a disaster that way. Thankfully I have a stellar cleaner-upper (my husband) that doesn’t complain too much about my mess.

  • Tub of greens – I love baby Kale. It can be a salad or used in a saute' or spaghetti sauce

  • Salad fixings –  English cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes (these actually sit on the counter, not in the fridge)

  • Assorted berries – I am not a huge fruit person. But the hubs loves fruit – especially berries

  • Brussel Sprouts

  • Cauliflower

  • Hummus – I know, I know it’s a legume. But I love and can tolerate it in moderation. My go-to is Roots Traditional. I can literally eat it by the spoonfuls.

  • Fresh garlic – There is nothing like fresh chopped garlic to liven up a meal. It’s a must have in the fridge!



  • Applegate or Plainville Farms deli meats

  • Uncured Bacon

  • White Oak Pastures ground beef

  • White Oak Pastures chicken breast (I know thighs are better for me… it’s a texture thing, so I stick with breast)

  • Beef and Chicken Stock/Broth – I use my instapot to prepare broth OR I get TGK Bone Broth. It’s delicious.

  • TGK Chicken wings – throw those puppies on the grill. You can’t find a better wing around!

  • Salmon from the Wild Salmon company. This is a recent addition. I typically don’t cook any seafood at home because the hubs doesn’t love it. But, he’s coming around so I got some salmon to surprise him with after the New Year.



  • TGK adult meals for last minute dinners or lunch – Carter will typically have a TGK meal for breakfast.

  • TGK kids meals (I often eat these for lunch or an afternoon snack)

  • Heavy Whipping Cream – I use this in everything from coffee to mashed parsnips or potatoes. It’s a great way to get fat if you can tolerate dairy.

  • Seltzer water – Polar Springs is my go to. La Croix works, too


From personal experience, I can tell you that having the appropriate staples on hand makes it easier to eat well. I only lack for motivation (to eat well) if I have to run out to get ingredients or grab takeout. A stocked fridge is the key!



Amber Lewis is the visionary behind The Good Kitchen. She founded its preceding concept, modPALEO, and grew it into a small business that supports small farms, sustainability, a community of good people, and healthy living. Her passion for food grew out of her own personal journey to wellness, where she discovered the transformative powers of eating real food. She’s a sucker for a farm visit, and loves to discover new dishes that complement her healthy and active lifestyle. If it has pulled pork in it, she’s eating it.




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