// be awkward.

i am the guy who is not like the others. i don’t have a fancy business title or job description. i must prove myself everyday by making something and hopefully creating an obsession you’re compelled to exchange money for. sometimes i feel like i can’t afford my own work. or that what i do or who i am does not matter. i feel like a 70’s shrinky dink experiment, wrapped up and packaged for show and a bit of entertainment, only to melt down when the temperature rises and the oven light goes on.

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small talk is a big task. people persons are bacteria in my world. i am not one, and i tend to avoid them like the bird flu. i suppose we all have the same amount of words to use in a day – but i would gladly give you some of mine to use if you like.

i am awkward. but i have come to realize we all are in some way. that awkwardness has set me up for success to impact others in my own unique way. as i think upward while others may think down or go left when some go right i often create surprise and intrigue. my strong opinions have lead to precise and unusual ways of making something different than the next person. being the odd one out in a world of khaki’s and blue oxfords gives me enough attention to showcase my trade.

awkwardness in one season has set me up for success in another.

i am real. this is the most difficult thing for me to say. it’s difficult to type. it’s harder to say out loud. i want to say more and wow you with vernacular but i am at a loss.

but i am real, i can prove it.

i affect the mood of those who see my compositions of color every day. i know it because they tell me. i inspire. because is see others succeed after sending me a note of thanks.

i sweat. i bleed. my hands tear. my muscles ache. my heart beats and my breath is short. all things that tell me. . .

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i am alive.

i am real. i am awkward.

i am real awkward.

be awkward with me.

i’m kent + i’m an artist, but not the tortured kind.

i live by one simple rule. every day.


wake up.
get off the couch.
show up on time.
work your backside off.
and surprise somebody.

even if it’s yourself.

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i’m kenT and i’m an artist and, but not the tortured kind.  

i make one of a kind paintings, no two are exactly the same.  some are large, some are small.  some have words, some have none.

i am on a mission to make the walls of your home, office or secret lair as colorfully composed as you are.


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