Be Kind To Yourself


We should view our own mental, physical, and emotional health as a priority in our lives. One of the lessons I teach in my teen mentorship program is that we must be kind to ourselves before we can truly be kind to others. I have two easy “be kind to yourself” strategies that you can introduce into your life immediately to see a positive change.

  1. Positive Self Talk

The quality of your life is in the quality of your communication to yourself. If you can harness the power of talking to yourself positively, you will be able to create an unbreakable energy within you.

Go ahead, say this out loud, “I am amazing. I am balanced with perfections and mistakes. I choose to shine through all of my self-doubt and fear so I can truly live the life I want to live.”

Feel weird to talk to yourself this way? Don't worry, I'm not suggesting that you talk to your reflection every day. I am simply suggesting that positive affirmations to yourself (however you choose) will rewire your brain, allowing you to really see change. Be intentional with your positive self talk, regardless of how or when you do it.

2. Self Care

Implement healthy eating, exercising, and sleeping habits daily. While I can dig deep on all three self care habits, today I want to keep it short and actionable so you can see immediate results.

  • Eating

Change the way you think of food. Food = power. The analogy is to think of your body as a vehicle. A vehicle needs gasoline to function. When your vehicle has a full tank it is smooth sailing. As the tank begins to empty, the vehicle becomes slow to start and sluggish. On an empty tank, it’s worthless. This is true for our bodies as well. Food fuels the performance of our minds, our bodies, and our emotions. And just like the quality of fuel (gasoline) you put into your vehicle, the quality of the food you put into your body matters. There is no better way to eat than lean, clean, and green.

An excellent resource that I highly recommend is the book “Lift Your Mood with Power Foods” by Christine Bailey. It is an easy to understand guide for knowing how to fuel your body properly.

  • Exercising

Think short & sweet. Often times we can get overwhelmed with the idea of exercise because we assume it has to take a long time.

As a wife and working mom of two young boys, I know the challenges of fitting exercise in. It is extremely tough to do. But I learned pretty quickly that just 15 minutes a day, 7 days a week, made an incredible impact on the shape of my body and my overall mental health.

Keep it short so that it is easy to implement into your daily practices. Keep it sweet by choosing workouts you truly enjoy doing. When I have a mind block and lack of motivation to exercise, I opt for a 15 minute HIIT workout which works the entire body. I know that I can fit in 15 minutes and I know that I will feel like I have accomplished quite a bit because it’s full body.

Remember that a little goes a long way.

  • Sleeping

One giant size tip that is so simple is to stretch before bed. Our bodies go through so much during the day. Stretching before bed relieves the built up tensions from sitting long periods and prepares our body for a more restful sleep.

The stretches that have worked best for me are:

  • The Rag Doll

  • Happy Baby

  • Figure four

  • Neck Stretch

  • Head Roll

  • Up the wall

About the Author:

Hi, I am Melissa Lynn Hunt! I am raising two awesome boys, loving life with my husband, leaning on Jesus, and showing young women just how beautiful they are through my one of kind Melissa Lynn Hunt Senior Role Model Program, Then Genuine Team. 

I quickly took notice at the way our lives are heavily influenced by what we see on social media. Availability of the immediate connection to anyone around the world we are so easily misled by appearances. There is a need for strong women showcasing and speaking on what is real life, providing reminders about truth, self worth, and self love. 

I am devoted to keeping it real for teen girls. My number one goal is to teach that your appearance does not define who you are! Self worth and self love are the foundation to one’s success. As part of the Genuine Team you are taught to be yourself and let who YOU are take center stage. I know the standard to which young girls are held and the competitive nature of higher education. I provide our team with the opportunity to participate, serve, take action, and truly make a difference through our programs 20+ activities. 

I am passionate about the #mlhseniors program because I believe when we equip ourselves with knowledge and surround ourselves with positive people, we have the power to influence and inspire the world around us.

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