2 Sisters: From Illness to Tea


Birch Fine Tea was established in 2017 by two sisters - Alena and Kristina. Originally from Ukraine, they found their inspiration by the tall birch trees which are native to the land. "Birch" is not only an homage to their Ukrainian roots but also symbolizes "new beginnings." After Alena was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer & Heart Failure, they founded Birch Fine Tea as their literal new beginning. 

Alena and Kristina's mission is to help others initiate a fresh start in flourishing their health and wellness from within. Using only the finest ingredients Birch Fine Tea offers a range of teas - both pure and blended - including a line of wellness teas!


What is Tea?

If you don’t already know tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization suggest that the world drinks about 6 BILLION cups of tea EACH day. This may come as a shock to some, but tea has been around for centuries of years!! It all began in the Northern foothills of the Himalayan mountains where people chewed the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant as medicine.

Tea is produced in countries worldwide, such as: China, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, and Argentina - just to name a few!


How Tea is Made?

The process of tea has five main stages of processing: withering, rolling, drying, grading, and cleaning. And for some tea types, there is an additional stage- oxidization. Every single type of tea begins with the leaves of Camilla sinensis. However, the differences of the teas depend on the oxidation process of the leaf. Black teas are fully oxidized, while green and white teas do not undergo this stage. Another way you can think of oxidization is.. more oxidization = more caffeine.



Benefits of Tea

As mentioned earlier, tea has been used as medicine since ancient times. The benefits of tea are not only timeless but ENDLESS. Tea is an extremely rich source of antioxidants, which help to heal and protect against free radicals in our body. This may not only help prevent the cause of many cancers and diseases but also reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. For instance, here is a brief excerpt from the Harvard Health Publishing:

A study of 40,530 Japanese adults found that participants who drank more than five cups of green tea a day had a 26% lower risk of death from heart attack or stroke and a 16% lower risk of death from all causes than people who drank less than one cup of green tea a day. (Green Tea May Lower Heart Disease Risk, 2012)


Where to Start?

In addition to the traditional Black, Green and White tea categories that many of us are, oh so familiar with.. there’s Oolong, Pu’erh, Rooibos, Yerba Mate, and of course Fruit (or Tisanes)! Due to the broad variety, it can be a bit overwhelming to get started on your personal tea journey. So we are here to help!



Searching for an aid in weight loss?

Oolong tea increases the fat oxidation in the body, which causes the body to burn fat for energy. Tea does not substitute a healthy active lifestyle but is a great addition to help you achieve your goals quicker!


Birch Fine Tea to the rescue:

Organic Long Island Strawberry (Green Tea)

Quangzhou Milk (Oolong Tea)

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha (Green Tea)


Time to boost your immune system!

In preparation for the Fall/Winter months ahead consider tea. Why? First of all, you can never be overly prepared! Second, quality loose leaf tea contains antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties which are crucial for your body to fight off the common cold.


Birch Fine Tea to the rescue:

Immune Boost (Wellness Blend)

Organic Detox (Wellness Blend)

Organic Rejuvenate (Wellness Blend)


Drop the TUMS.

There are SO many herbal blends which aid the digestive system with indigestion, bloating, gas, nausea, etc. However, Pu’erh has been our absolute favorite go-to drink after a heavy or greasy meal. As you now know, black tea is oxidized but Pu’erh goes through an additional step of fermentation. This doesn’t just allow the tea to alleviate general tummy related discomfort but also potentially lower LDL cholesterol ( the bad cholesterol) and lipid absorption of heavy foods.


Birch Fine Tea to the rescue:

French Vanilla (Pu’erh)

Organic Tummy Aid (Wellness Blend)

Organic Golden Chai


We thank you for joining us today on this quick TEA:101 course! Our mission at Birch Fine Tea is to educate and provide luxury loose leaf tea at an affordable price for all. Health is everything, and everyone deserves it.



Birch TEAm


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