Couples Therapy: Sweat Together, Stay Together

We have all heard it, and there’s a lot of truth behind the idea of “strength in numbers.” This idea, that a group of people is stronger or more influential than one person individually, is especially applicable when talking about achieving your health and fitness goals. It’s no secret that an accountability partner can give you the extra “oomph” of encouragement and motivation when real-life mental obstacles strike - lazy days, blah moods, the need for comfort foods and just the plain business of life with stressful schedules.

When it comes to a fit-focused lifestyle, motivation and accountability are the key factors to maintaining that lifestyle for the long haul. How difficult is it when everyone around you is hanging out on the couch eating junk! This is why an accountability partner is your golden ticket to success. How much better when that partner is your sweetie!

As a couple, we have enjoyed working out together since day one of our friendship. Having common interests in fitness and overall mental and physical health has proven to be a strong foundation in our relationship. For us, exercising together provides an opportunity to create a different level of connection that we believe benefits both our waistline and or love life!

Together, we have put together a list of reasons why your sweetie could be the very best accountability partner for you, too.

  1. You’re less likely to skip a workout since there’s someone to push you.

Yup, excuses don’t hold up as easily when your accountability partner sees you napping on the couch.

2. You’re spending guiltless quality time together.

You’re spending less money on date nights, and they’re negative-calorie dates! You get time together and we have more energy, less tension and stress, and feel happier during the week!

3. It’s a fun way to try something new.

Experiencing something new together always helps build relationships. Plus trying something new often leads to fun(ny) memories.

4. You have someone to accomplish goals with.

It’s always easier to stick to goals if you’re sharing them with someone else, and to see your sweetie crushing goals is super sexy!

5. You’ll be physically healthier together.

Nothing builds confidence quite like feeling good and looking good! Seeing your sweetheart dripping in confidence is also super sexy.

6. Kiss Breaks > Water Breaks.

Nothing to explain here!

7. You’ll challenge each other with a little friendly competition.

We are talking about the playful, flirtatious side of your relationship here. How quickly we lose our flirtatious side once we settle into a relationship. Here’s the perfect chance to capitalize on a little flirtatious challenge and have a little fun!

8. All this flirting and playful competition can lead to increased happiness with your relationship.

So, there have been actual lab studies which show that after jointly participating in an exciting physical challenge or activity, couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner (Aron, Norman, Aron, & Heyman, 2000). Who doesn’t want lab-proven relationship satisfaction?! Sign us up!!

9. You won’t sweat the small stuff as a couple.

Disclaimer: We aren’t saying you’ll never argue, but we all know the emotional benefits of exercise include mental clarity, endorphin release and improved mood. All this means that maybe honey will be a bit more patient! Feeling good mentally and physically as a couple can have huge benefits when it comes to working through conflict.

Let’s finish off with the grand finale.

10. Yup we saved the best for last! Who doesn’t want a better sex life??

As Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde, defending an aerobics instructor who’s on trial for murder: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make people happy! Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” It may sound silly, but she has a point. Feeling happier is a natural byproduct of exercise due to the feel-good chemicals, called endorphins, that exercise helps you release. The release of endorphins also helps ramp up your sex drive, so not only will working out together make you happier, but it will up your desire. Working out also boosts your self-confidence and can help you get in touch with your body: two more things that translate to increased arousal and better sex!

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Jose Suarez

Jose is an ambassador for many brands including Lululemon, SweatNet, and our very own Clean Juice. Follow him on Instagram here: