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Which cup of coffee are you on? I’m brewing up my third because #monday… I know you can relate. I had one of those typical Monday mornings where I was rushing trying to get to the gym only to end my 20 minute commute with the sad realization that I forgot my wallet. Ahh yes, hello Monday.

On Sundays I always make sure my beloved Lululemon bag is packed full of all my essentials (note to self: wallet is essential) the night before so getting out the door is as easy as filling my coffee cup and grabbing my overnight oats.

These are my MUST have items for getting in a great workout and then transforming from drab to fab in time to beat the morning rush at Starbucks:

1. Wireless Headphones - Beats by Dre

I’ve tried everything wireless and while I wanted to settle on something a little more low profile and a little less Kobe Bryant on game day, you just cant beat the beats. The sound quality is amazing and the best part? they are noise canceling.


2. Dry shampoo -  Living Proof

Let’s all just be honest here, we don't wash our hair every day. For the days you're too busy building your empire, running late to a lunch date or getting in some extra sweat time, it’s dry shampoo to the rescue. A spritz of this and you may be forgetting when the last time you even washed your hair was…because I cant remember.


3. Perform Better resistance bands

Whatever your workout interests are, everyone likes a tight tush. Especially good for traveling, these bands can bump up the intensity of any workout just about anywhere.


4. Yuni Sweat refresh bag

So fresh and so clean. I love this pack of products by Yuni for when you’re in a rush. The shower sheets are packed full of an energizing citrus smell, and the muscle recovery gel can soothe those post workout aches and pains.


5. APL shoes

Aesthetically pleasing and lightweight are the two main reasons I love my APL’s. After they partnered with Lululemon and released the rose gold and cashmere options I just couldn't keep my wallet closed.


6. Deodorizers

Unfortunately no matter how cute your shoes are, they’ll start to smell. These slip right in your shoes and are filled with chemical free, non toxic, bamboo charcoal.


7. Rx bar

I always keep a healthy snack on hand to avoid the #hanger state. I like these Rx bars because they’re made with minimal wholesome ingredients. Since I’m a self proclaimed peanut butter addict, that’s undoubtedly my favorite flavor.


8. laura mercier - illuminated tinted moisturizer

Typically I keep make up to a minimum at the gym. This tinted moisturizer gives an illuminating fresh faced glow and provides SPF protection. win win


9. swell water bottle

Hydration is SO important. Sure, you could drink bottled water but do that when you can tote around a cute water bottle that accents your fashion forward athleisure outfit?


10. Invisibobble hair ring

I know these seem like a major fashion violation but if you love your locks, do them a favor and use these. Avoid breakage and knots from harsh hair ties and add these to your shopping cart.


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I believe in enjoying the process. Eating your vegetables AND having ice cream. Building self worth and confidence. Exercising discipline without deprivation.

Clean Juice Bar