Jessica's Fav Products

1. FitVine Wine

The local Whole Foods wine manager might have my number blocked.  Maybe. I called and called and called when I first heard about a wine that was made FOR athletes.  Being a mom, wine is basically a food group. So finding the cleanest wine on the market, that doesn’t throw my fitness goals off track, was almost life changing.  That’s right I said it, wine can be life changing – even for health and fitness fanatics!

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2. Aztec Indian Healing Clay

This stuff has been around since before you could get famous doing makeup on Instagram.  Do you even remember those days?! Between photoshoots, gym sessions, outdoor activities – this is skin care magic for me.  Ever feel like your life is off track? Go home, goop this on your face, wait 20 minutes and all of a sudden you’re life is pulled together.

I don’t know that I could pick one thing I love about this place.  When “athleisure” became the hot new thing, I was down for it. These girls turn my sweat in to sparkle on the regular.  Not to mention they carry mommy-and-me sets so me and my minis are basically like a gang. A really trendy athleisure gang.


4. Clean Juice

I have been practicing intermittent fasting for a couple years now, so I am totally on board with all the benefits of fasting and allowing your digestive system to rest so your body can focus its healing properties on the rest of the body.  I will usually add in a juice fast about once a quarter to boost my system, more frequently if I feel I need a quick reset.

5. Garmin Fenix 5s

I honestly don’t remember how I lived without a smart watch.  This happens to be a smart watch, fitness tracker, do-all-the-things in one – oh and it’s super cute.  Bonus.

6. Pura Vida Jewelry

“Pura Vida” means “pure life” in Spanish, a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. Slowing things down, celebrating good fortune, and refusing to take anything for granted embodies this laid back lifestyle. Pura Vida means living life to the fullest. It’s more than just a saying... it’s a lifestyle.  I love everything about this, and their products happen to be all the heart eyes worthy too!

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7. Running Belt

I don’t want to claim that I single-handedly brought the fanny pack back… but the running belt was definitely a statement.  My arms were not built for those awkward phone holders that never stayed on my bicep. The running belt brought the music back to my workouts – a much needed pep to my step to push a little further and little harder.  

8. Monat Dry Shampoo

Real talk:  I AIN’T washing my hair everyday.  Between 2 kids, work, add in the 6 lbs of hair I’d have to blow dry and style… not happening.  This buys me days. Days! Worth it’s weight in gold for sure.

9. Prada La Femme

I really bought in to the “signature scent” idea a few years ago, but of course never found the ONE.  I was gifted this a couple years ago and it’s something I would have never chosen for myself. It has since become my everyday, year round staple.

10. Quay Sunglasses

I will forever lose my favorite pair of sunglasses.  I love that Quay makes really stylish yet affordable glasses i.e. I don’t have to cry real tears when I lose a pair in the lake.  Currently have 3 pair of the High Key Black Fades just in case of emergency.

Clean Juice

Jessica is a health and fitness enthusiast currently living in Lake Norman. She works as a fitness & lifestyle model and is a small business owner who has found success in franchising opportunities. She spends her time finding adventure with her 2 girls, and surfing the lake whenever possible.