Melissa's Fav Things


Audio Books

I love reading self help books! I look for books that will help me become better as a mom, a wife, a friend, and business woman.



 Music inspires, motivates, and brings complete joy to my life. My boys and I love to dance and sing along. We have dance parties often! I listen to music to pump me up during a workout. I also listen to music to get me hyped up before teaching.  Spotify, Pandora, Itunes, I love them all!



If I am going to eat fast food this place is my #1.


Chateau Morrisette Our Dog Blue wine

I enjoy a glass of wine while I cook dinner. It’s a way to help me relax after a busy day, but I also have a huge appreciation for the way wine is made. I truly appreciate the process.


Clean Juice

Avocado toast and berry bowl for life. Clean juice is important to me because of the trust I have in their product and purpose.


LUna’s Living kitchen

My go-to for a sit down healthy meal. I discovered Luna’s when I was nursing my son and had to eat a restricted diet due to his sensitivities.


 Young Living Essential Oils

They are important to me because I know they are safe for my family and I. I use them for cleaning, cooking, medicinal, and emotional/mental well being.


Nap Socks

These Brookstone socks go wherever I go! No other sock compares. :)


RuMe reusable bags:

I’m obsessed with these bags! They save the earth, machine washable, and come in a variety of sizes and patterns.  


Tone it Up Booty Bands

Exercising is a priority in my life. When I am traveling I bring my booty bands so I can add some resistance to my workout.

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