Understanding EMF Exposure: An Essential Part to Feeling Well in 2019


Have you heard the rumblings about electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation and the negative impact it can have on our bodies? We’re just at the infancy of prolonged EMF exposure through personal use and few of us have yet been exposed to big brother 5G. There is a lot we still don’t know about long term effects. But if we can hang anything on the lessons of the past: too much of a good thing usually isn’t good for us.

According to the app on my phone, I log an average four hours of screen time a day. And that’s just my phone - not to mention my laptop and time in front of my smart TV. That’s a lot of direct access time for EMF. And the latest advancement is 5G, capable of delivering data at up to 20 times faster than 4G coverage. Faster sounds really great, until you consider the increased health risks that come along with it.

Consider with me the magnetic force of a horseshoe magnet to metal objects. Now consider the same invisible rays radiating out of your smartphone, tablet, laptop, television, WiFi components, etc. And get this, whether we’re using them or not, they are constantly searching to connect with a cell tower nearby. Honey, like it or not, you are experiencing constant EMF exposure. What the research is showing is, over time, this exposure adds up.

5G is coming and because we can’t hide in a bunker or wear a tinfoil hat all day, here are some easy ways to mitigate the impact of EMF.

Reduce screen time

Y’all for goodness’ sake, put your phone down. Get in a regular practice of fasting from your screen. By fasting we mean intentionally abstaining from the use of something, e.g. your phone. And, bonus, not having the temptation of a screen in front of you gives you more space to engage in direct eye-contact and face-to-face communication.

Make space

Put some space between you and your device; the proximity of your device to your body makes a difference. Use speakerphone (not Bluetooth) whenever possible, carry your phone in a bag rather than your pocket, put a barrier between your lap and your laptop and use a designated “phone garage” that is away from where you gather and sleep in your home.

Sleep smart

Think of your room as a radiation-free zone. Dust off your old alarm clock, leave your phone to charge in the kitchen and free your room of all devices. If that is just too extreme, put your phone across the room - at least 10 feet away.

Turn off your WiFi

Your wireless router is constantly receiving electromagnetic frequencies. The only way to stop that current is to break it. Unplug the device from the wall. Some routers even come with a scheduling feature to power off. Schedule the device to turn off while you sleep. This goes for all devices that use WiFi - baby monitors, WiFi enabled appliances, computers, tablets and phones - unplug them when not in use.

Eat healthy

We love this one. We know that food can be the best medicine. Use mother nature to cleanse your body of free radicals from the electromagnetic environment. Good choices include: artichokes, cranberries, red beans, pecans, pomegranate seeds, rosemary, asparagus, blueberries, walnuts, prunes, cruciferous veggies, cinnamon, dates, broccoli and cilantro- remember to choose organic whenever possible.

Get grounded - and we don’t mean your kids

New research is showing that regular contact with the earth - barefoot outside is the easiest method - can be profoundly effective in battling a laundry list of disorders. It is now being considered as an important part of the health equation, along with sunshine, clean air and water, nutritious food and physical activity.

There is plenty to read on this topic. Ironically, you’ll need to use your device to do so. But here is our take: EMF exposure is constant and will increase with the inception of 5G in our neighborhoods, any steps that we can take to mitigate our exposure - like the simple ones offered above - are steps well worth taking.


Kat Eckles

Kat Eckles is the owner and chief visionary officer of Clean Juice as well as the driving force behind well happy + kind. Eckles co-owns Clean Juice with her husband, Landon. They have five children together. In 2018, she was an honoree in the Charlotte Business Journal's Women in Business awards program.

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