// well happy + kind

Well, hello there sweet friends.

Welcome to our blog!

We are humbled. We are excited. We are expectant. We are inspired. We are a little scared. We are ready!


Some background on us:

We are the ‘sister’ blog to Clean Juice. Clean Juice is an all organic juice and smoothie bar that opened the doors to its first store in suburban Charlotte, NC in June 2015. Shortly after opening, we began franchising and since then, Clean Juice has grown by divine speed, with our 22nd store opening by the end of the month and an additional 74 units signed on for development.

The Clean Juice journey has blessed us with so much fascinating insight into the health and wellness world, as well as introduced us to some of the most inspiring people we could ever hope to know. We want well happy + kind to be a place where we get to compile all of this and share it with you - our guests, our readers, our friends. We are also low-key obsessed with all things lifestyle - fashion, home decor, recipes, travel, awesome products.. so expect for some of that to sneak in as well!



When we were sitting back and thinking and praying on what we wanted this blog to represent, we kept coming back to 3 simple words: well happy and kind. And with that, we had our name. We hope that our little blog in some way inspires you to seek more wellness, more happiness, or more kindness into your life because we think that the world always needs more of all three.




What do we believe here?

We believe in Jesus. We believe in organic. We believe in Green Juice.

We believe in no judgment. We believe in smiling more. In fearing less.

We believe in loving really, really hard. In laughing hard too.

We believe in growing. We believe in authenticity.

We believe black is the new black. We believe in ripped jeans. We believe in statement pieces.

We believe you should expect the best for yourself and from yourself. But we believe grace is a necessary constant for when things fall short.

We believe in making moments memories. We believe life’s joy comes from the small moments as much as the big ones.

We believe we are called to live from a place of ‘yes.’ We believe in giving our all. We believe in FUN.

We believe in God’s provision.

And lastly, we believe that every single person deserves to live their life full of all things well happy + kind.


You can read more about our staff on our About Us page, but we truly believe this blog is not about us. It’s so much more about you and every person that comes in and out of Clean Juice and on and off our blog. We’d LOVE to hear from you and get your insight into what kind of topics you’d like our feedback on or any recommendations for guest authors or awesome stories. Shoot us an email anytime at hello@wellhappyandkind.com.


We wish we could adequately express our appreciation for your support. It is forever humbling, energizing, and motivating to have the opportunity to make a small splash in the big world of wellness.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Stay tuned for lots of fun,





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